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Legend has it that in the 1950s a wealthy family gave birth to a girl, whom they named Carolina.

It is said that the girl was born with some kind of problem, which was an embarrassment to high society.

They locked her in the attic of the house to avoid being seen, leaving her there forever.

What is not known for sure is what kind of problem the little girl had. Some said it was a deformity, others claimed it was a psychiatric problem, but most believed it was possessed.

Those who tried to enter the attic and did not come out within 60 minutes have not been seen again.

Do you dare to enter the attic and find out what happened to Carolina?


Duration: 60 minutes
Difficulty: 4/5
Players: 1-6
(4 recommended)
Genre: Horror

It is a true escape room, in which we have 60 minutes to escape.
Please note that once the countdown has started, it cannot be paused or stopped.
We can move freely through the scenarios, each player can be in a different place.
We have 5 clues throughout the game.
It is completely online, you do not need to install anything, just a password to play it.

Compatible with: Google Chrome - Opera - Microsoft Edge - Mozilla Firefox