The Lemon Tree

Game rules

You must have a pc and a mobile device or two mobiles, but the experience is greater with a pc; you can make use of the internet only when history requires it. You can play it alone or with the number of friends you want, just use a video conference program so that everyone is connected, participants can open the game at the same time or they can use the mode that only one opens it and the others help watching by video conference. Each enigma has three helps and the solution in case of not being able to solve it. (Important fact when playing is to take into account the number of lines where you must enter the passwords, these will give you the size of the key) Take a pencil and paper, set the timer to zero and have fun in this Escape Room virtual


Approximate duration: 60/90 minutes
difficulty 4/5
Number of Players: 1-6 (recommended)

The History

I had come home from work, stressed, I was about to relax and prepare a delicious aperitif, but I was missing lemon, the finishing touch to make it perfect. Tired of always missing something, I decided to go buy a lemon tree.
I took the pointed shovel and began to make the well, I did not go beyond the third stroke when I heard a metallic noise. There was something buried!
A very old, rusty metal box; inside it ... A paper with something written on it.
I think it is an address to a Web page, but the truth is, I don't understand anything about technology, this is very intriguing, how is it possible that within something so old, that seems to be more than 100 years old, there is something like this. I need your help.
You can help?