Illustrated by: Sabrina Pujol
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             Incredible but true, a map in a bottle, a
               supposed treasure and a legend of a pirate nicknamed
                                            Black cape

              Legend has it that Black Cape protected very well
             his treasure, only the fearless and intelligent will achieve
                   get out of a cavern that is about to explode.

             You have sixty minutes to decipher the riddles
             of Black Cloak and escape before it all flies through the
Ideal for playing in family or for whom they start in the escape rooms


Duration: 60 minutes
Difficulty: 2/5
NÂș. of Players: 1-6
(4 recommended)
Genre: Adventure

It is a true escape room, in which we have 60 minutes to escape.
Please note that once the countdown has started, it cannot be paused or stopped.
We can move freely through the scenarios, each player can be in a different place.
We can consult the aids, as many times as we need throughout the game.
It is completely online, you do not need to install anything, just a password to play it.
The best times and those who use less tracks will enter a Top Ten

Compatible with: Google Chrome - Opera - Microsoft Edge - Mozilla Firefox